Sep 6, 2015

CG Masters Class Demo

Another Environment sketch which evolved into a moody tonal painting.  The goal here wasn't as much about technical correctness as it was about developing the character of a setting to reflect the personality of the inhabitant.  Loosely based on The Princess & The Frog, I imagined this place as the circus big top home of a traveling Voodoo trickster.
Works in progress: Thumbnail drawing, lighting block out, rough tonal

Aug 24, 2015

CG Masters Class Demo

Here is a thumbnail drawing and tonal painting I did for my CG Masters Class: Environment Sketching for Production.  What began as a retelling of Beauty & The Beast became more of Disney's Haunted Mansion.  More to come!

Jan 24, 2015

BG Paintings for Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (HBO)

I had the opportunity to paint some backdrops for the bio pic about the late Kurt Cobain.  This was a loose, painterly style, to mimic oil paint.  Lots of fun working on a film again!   Thanks to Ken Duncan for the Art Direction.
Film Screenshot

Jan 1, 2015


Some fun location and character designs based on the MMO