Oct 3, 2013

LCAD demo: Castle Interior

The second assignment for my Advanced Drawing class is a design of a Castle or Dungeon Interior.  I used a recent drawing as a base for my demo.  I made it more ancient/mystical and weathered.  This is a layout of an exploration space for game play similar to the Uncharted series.

Sep 15, 2013

Urban Environment LCAD class demo

This is done for my Advanced Drawing for Game class at Laguna College of Art + Design.  Assignments mostly include environments, but also Prop Design, Call out drawings and some characters.  The first assignment was to design a present day urban environment.  I demonstrated my process of research, thumbnail drawing, lighting and digital painting.  The theme is loosely based on The Last of Us.

Jul 8, 2013

Kazone Art Academy class demo: Fantasy setting

This is done for my Visual Development for Animation class at Kazone Art Academy.  I demonstrated my process of research, thumbnail drawing and digital painting.  I studied Gothic cathedrals and fantasy castles.  The subject of this scene is based on Minas Tirith, in LOTR.

Apr 11, 2013

Environment Design at Kazone Art Academy

Castle Interior Final
Composition & Lighting studies
Composition & Lighting studies
Castle Callout color
These were done for a class with Charles Lee at the Kazone Art Academy.  Based on the original fairy tale Beauty and the Beast.  Done in traditional media.